Tutti frutti


From Tony Gatlif’s movie ‘Gadjo Dilo’ or The crazy extranger. The story is about a french guy who travells arround Romania looking for the singer Nora Luca, whos voice charmed his dead father when he was alive. In the clip: Adrian Simionescu singing, Rona Hartner  dancing and the actor Romain Duris.

Tutti frutti

Tutti frutti te khelas
te khelas te giľavas
te khelas te giľavas
le romenca demadjas/ e Romencar te pagjas (2x)

Chi zhanav so te kerav
pala late me merav (4x)

Sa o Roma Daje kelenav
sa o Roma Daje on pijelav (2x)

Kako Uvil to pamato, a man Marga korkoro.
A garavla kaj geli, tilatari za vogi. (3x)

miri rromni si shukar da se lo longi dai bar
miri rromni si bruneto da shi mai bari talento
miri rromni si shukar da se lo longi dai bar
miri rromni si bruneto da shi mai bari talento


With tutti frutti soft drink
we’re dancing and singing
and living it up we’ll smash the bottles.

I don’t know, what can i do? I’ll die anyway.

All the Roma, mother, are dancing,
all the Roma, mother, are drinking (?)
Uncle Uvil is “lid drunk”.
His wife Marga is afraid because she thinks he’ll go off with someone else.


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  1. its my bday and i had so much fun playing all your songs, thank you!
    Happy new year! Not gipsy but beautiful and totally apropriate for me now, check youtube; Plavi orkestar – bolje biti pijan neko star… let me know if u want a translation. Happy new years kiss from Croatia!

    • Happy birthday and happy New year!! I’m glad you enjoy my blog 🙂 so you are Capricorn like me, my birthday is the 13th of january! So cool you are in Croatia, I’ve been in Dubrovnik 5 years ago and it was so beautiful. The song is great, thanks for sharing! kiss from London!

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