Manea Cu Voca

Manea Cu Voca

Song by Fanfare Ciocărlia. In this video, the lyrics start from the third verse.

Manea Cu Voca

Nici o data nu ai sa sti
Cit de mult te pot iubi
Cind te vad trecind pe strada
Imi pierd chiful de viata (x2)

Daca si tu ma-ai iubi
Ce fericit as mai sa fi
Linga mine fata sa inpartim
Aceias soarta (x2)

Si la un colt de straduta
Era o fata draguta
Si cu mina imi facia
Ca sa ma duc linga ia (x2)

Linga ia cind am ajuns
Mina pe mine a pus
Si mia spus cu voca tare
Te iubesc la disperare (x2)


You’ll never know,
how much can I love you
When I see you walking by in the Street,
“I lose my life”

If you love me too,
how happy I would be
By my side, we could share
that luck

In the corner of an alley
There was a pretty/beloved girl
And with her hand she was telling me,
to get closer to her

When I got closer to her,
she put her hand over me
And I shouted out loud,
‘I love you desperatly!’

  • Translation provided by Marta Portugal Dias

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