Traditional mix

Traditional mix

Young Mónika Lakatos, singer of the gypsy band Romengo, performing on 1996. She mixes the main song (actually I’m not sure about the title) with other roma popular ones, as ‘Kéren Chave’ and ‘Phabol Phabol’

Traditional mix

Starvasdestajduj ratya
Na szutinde mure jakha
Daba devla kodo csaszo
Tavel kere muro gázsó

Dararara rarara…

Opre zsau me pe vulyica
Taj rodau me panzs sou sela
Panzs sou sela naj but love
Pijaulen me zsi tehara

Keren, savorále, drom
Te khelei o phuro rom
Phuro rom te keleia
Bistayek gyás malavia

Amari szi, amari
Amari cini bóri
Aj, lalalalala la la laj laj
Amari szi, amari
Amari cini bóri
Aj, lalalalala la la laj laj

Opre phirdem, intrego taj luma,
taj csi rakhlem, jek kaszava sa.
Kaszava, sukara lulugya,
pel gava andevare luma.

Phabol, phabol, bi la romnyako,
la sukara sejako.
te del o del, taj vi te del o Raj,
saj rudesz tu lulugyande bar.

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  1. There are some lines here that have given me a bit of trouble to understand, but here’s my best stab at a translation:

    For forty-two nights
    my eyes haven’t slept
    surely, God, it’s time (?)
    for my gazho to come home (?husband, but why ‘gazho’ not ‘rrom’?)

    I shall go up the street
    and earn myself five or six hundred (forints? = a couple of ££ or €€)
    Five or six hundred isn’t a lot of money
    I’ll have drunk them by tomorrow

    Make way, lads
    For the old man to dance
    When the old man dances
    He taps for twenty-one days

    She is ours, ours,
    Our little bride
    Aj la la la etc.

    I walked all around the world
    and I didn’t find any such girl,
    such a beautiful flower,
    in any village in the world (?)

    It burns [me], it burns [me] without that woman
    that beautiful girl
    may God grant, and may the Lord grant
    that you can get(?) a flower-garden.

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