Balada Lui Ioan


Song by Fanfare Ciocarlia

Balada Lui Ioan

Aiiii păi foaie verde solzi de peşte
Foaie verde solzi de peşte
Primăvara când soşeste
Zăpada se petliceşte
Ieşi mândro mă primeneşte
Şi dă haina codrului
Cum îi pana corbului
Şi-o basma portocalie
Ca s-o am în haiducie , mândro (x2)

Aiii Foaie verde pipiric, măi
Foaie verde pipiric, măi
Când eram copil mai mic , măi
Aveam semne de voinic
Zmulgeam fagul din tulpină
Stejarul din radacină
La mândruţa mea, măi
Săruta-ţi-ar guriţa
Şi tu mie mustaţa, măi mândro (x2)

John’s ballad (Translation)

Aiii green leaf fish scale
Green leaf fish scale
When spring is coming
The snow is melting
Get outside my darling and dress me up
Give the clothes to the forest
Like the raven feather is
And an orange head kerchief
To have it in my haiduk/ outlaw life, darling

Aiii soft rush green leaf
Soft rush green leaf
When I was a little kid
I had brave man signs
I was pulling out the beech from its trunk
An the oak tree from its roots
…To my darling , her kissing your mouth
And you to kiss my mustache, my darling

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