Moj dilbere


Traditional Bosnian folk song about a young girl who is being sold in the slave market, and is wondering where her lover is. Singed by Esma Redzepova and Saban Bajramovic.

Moj dilbere

Moj dilbere, kud šećeš?
Haj što i mene ne povedeš?

Seni sendum, bir efendum,Aman jarabi!

Izvedi me u čaršiju,
Haj, pa me prodaj bazardžiji.

Uzmi za me oku zlata,
Haj, pa pozlati dvoru vrata.

My darling (translation)

My darling, where are you?
Why don’t you come to me?

What a horrible man-
Oh, Dear God!

He is taking me to the market
And selling me in the bazaar.

He sold me for a golden trinket
To hang on the door for decoration.

  • Lyrics provided by Mónica Roncon

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