Gas, gas

Gas, gas

Song by Goran Bregovic vs Shantel

“Gas, gas”

Ej, što voliš miris kamiona
Šoferskih gostiona
Hormona do plafona
Muškaraca tona
Turbo je sezona

Ej, što voliš miris od benzina
Ej, ti tako fina
Hop, hop, malo, malo pa krivina
Ljulja se kabina
Turbo je mašina

Ajde, ajde, nije to od vina
Ej, nije ni od serpentina
Uhvatila te milina
Šest meseci ti vrućina
Turbo je godina

Samo reci
Mali, mali, meni toga fali
Ćirilice, atmosferice
Mali, mali, meni toga fali
Gas do daske, bebice!

Gas, gas…
Gas, gas…

Kelneri ko šećeri
A pevaju šoferi
Nek se živi
Pa ko preživi!

Šoferi, šoferi
Ej, da vas je više
Voliš, voliš, voliš…
Ej što voliš kad na muško miriše

Gas, gas…
Gas, gas…


Even Good Lord is happy when the poor have fun
Make sure you bury me standing when I die
So I can continue dancing when I have a chance

Hey, what is life!
Life’s a bag of bollocks
We’d better sell the little we have
And make a big party


Hey rhythm, rhythm,
Hello, hello, hello, HEY, SEXY RHYTHM
Hey penniless, hey you poor,
With you I have no problem

But what will I do with the rich ones?
They’re a bit fat for dancing
They look a bit dead.
Gas, to the dash-board

Let’s go pretty girl
Push the pedal all the way
And on! As long as there’s gasoline!

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  1. I don’t think this is the correct translation. I think he is singing about the adrenaline that a speeding car/truck gives you. Look what i’ve found ! :

    “hey, why do you love the smell of trucks
    diners, hormones to te ceiling
    tons of men, it’s turbo season!

    hey, why do you love the smell of gasoline
    hey, you fine girl
    curve after curve, the cabin swings
    it’s a turbo machine!

    come on, come on, it’s not from wine
    hey, it’s not from the curves
    amenity has come over you
    6 months it’s been hot for you
    it’s a turbo year!

    just say, honey, honey, I miss it
    cyrillic, atmosphere
    honey, honey, I miss it
    step on it, baby!

    Gas, Gas…
    Gas, Gas…

    waiters as sweet as sugar
    and the truckers sing…
    ‘what a living, if you survive’

    truckers, truckers
    hey, if there were more of you
    you love it, love it, love it…
    hey, how you love it when it smells like men

    Gas, Gas…
    Gas, Gas…”

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