Omu’ bun n-are noroc

Omu’ bun n-are noroc

Performed by Gabi Lunca, diva of romanian gypsy music, and her husband, Ion Onoriu (acordion), who died in 1997.
Her songs are usually about pain and the yearning of love. I guess mamaliga comes form this song or viceversa, the lyrics at the end are missing. I’ll have to investigate more about this issue…

Omu’ bun n-are noroc
Verde, Verde siminoc, ta da da da
Omul bun n-are noroc, ta da da da
Ca omu’ am fost si eu, ta da da da
Dar norocu’ mi-a fost rau, ta da da da

Ai, dorul vine, si sta la mine
Io-l dau afara, el vine iara…

Norocu’ nu creste -n vale, ta da da da
Si nu-l are orisicare, ta da da da
El nu creste langa drum, ta da da da
Si nu-l are omul bun, ta da da da

Hai…dorul sta la mine
Io-l dau afara, el vine iara…

Fata mamii, fii cuminte, ta da da da
Ca norocu’ nu se vinde, ta da da da
Ca de s-ar vinde norocu’
El s-ar gasi pe tot locu’

Ai mo romale, ai mo chavale

*In this song the mother advises her dougther, who doesn’t understand why she should mourn: “Happyness cannot be bought, for then anyone might gain his happyness with money”.

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