Dikhava dro sune


Song by Sar E Roma

Dikhava dro sune

Dikhava dro sune so
dja dro me same
a cona ja gorja, pagana chiriklja
i oca veter de pashe jaga o

Sumange tekera, su mester a siva,
me dro sune riknjom,
so jekca veskamjom
a ushtijo podrobza bisterdjom o

Dre freuda megijom,
romes o dojlat jo,
koliv me udigjom,
dre shteto zaverjom,
cave so dro sune me pokamjom, o


About gypsylyrics

This blog is for everyone who loves Roma culture, music and dances. I'm not an expert, just an admirer who wants to share her passion. This blog wouldn't been possible without the Danza Duende project in my life. Thanks to my Gypsy Duende masters to teach me all I know.

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  1. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    in the Hindi film “Rockstar” there is a scene with the song “hava hava/ hawa hawa” (its story
    taken from the Czech folk tale, “Sleepy John”; Czech John “český Honza”).

    Can you hear what the man with the accordion is singing?

    0:17 to 0:25

    Which is the language this man is singing in?
    Can you please send me this language’s phrases in its original writings and its translations into English?

    Or can you please tell me this man’s name and e mail address for being able to ask himself?

    I thank you in advance for your kindness
    with kind regards

    Ernst Tremel

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