Na Khelav, Na Gilavav


Macedonian romani song performed by kef balkan ensamble

Na Khelav, Na Gilavav
Na khelav, na gilavav,
Mi sudbina me žalinav,

So kerdžum e Devleske,
Man terne tele ke peske. (x2)

Abre Devla, so kere,
Me sem terno man ma tu tele. (x2)

O tekije me pirdžum,
Mange leko na rakljum,

Nasvalipe baro isi man,
Lestar terno me ka merav. (x2)


Duša me (da) ka tsidav,
Amane ti ačavav,

Sa o Roma ne ka pijen,
Pale mande te na roven. (x2)



I don’t dance, I don’t sing,
My fate is sad,
What did I do, God,
That you took me so young?

What did you do, God?
I am too young for you to take me.

I walk near the mosques,
I can’t find a cure for myself,
I am very sick,
From this I will die young.

My soul will die,
I will depart,
And the Roma won’t drink,
Behind my back they won’t cry.


About gypsylyrics

This blog is for everyone who loves Roma culture, music and dances. I'm not an expert, just an admirer who wants to share her passion. This blog wouldn't been possible without the Danza Duende project in my life. Thanks to my Gypsy Duende masters to teach me all I know.

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