La Romniasa me te lav


Song by Kalyi Jag

La Romniasa me te lav

Ay Romale, Shavale!
(Gilaba e liniya triwares)

La Romyasa me te lav
Ando suno la dikhav
Le rakhensa na sovav
Phen tu, Dévla!
So te kerav!
(Gilaba mai ekh data.)


Me sim shavo, terno shavo
Me sim, Dévla, kolkorro
Nai man, Devla, Romnyorri
Kerko yaba murro gi.
(Gilaba mai ekh data)


The wife I will marry (translation)

Oh, Romani men, Romani youth!
(Repeat line 3 more times)

The wife that I will marry
I see her in my dreams
I can’t sleep at night
Tell me, God!
What to do!
(Repeat verse)


I an a youth, a young fellow
I am, God, alone
I don’t have, God, a young wife
My soul is becoming bitter.
(Repeat verse)



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