Lazi, lazi Vere

Lazi, lazi Vere

Macedonian song performed by Saban Bajramovic i Mostar Sevdah Reunion

Lazi, lazi Vere

Lazi , lazi Vere,
Lazi , kogo lazis,
Samo mene Vere ,
Nemoj da me lazis.

Jas si imam Vere,
Lele , jas si imam,
Jas si imam Vere,
Do tri bolesti.

Prva bolest Vere,
Lele , prva bolest,
Prva bolest Vere-
Strumicki meani.

Vtora bolest Vere,
Lele , vtora bolest,
Vtora bolest Vere-
V tu|ina ce odam.

Treta bolest Vere,
Lele , treta bolest,
Treta bolest Vere-
Izgorev za tebe.

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    • Well in this blog there is a lot of material, not just gypsy songs but also songs sang by gypsies, I always try not to make statements because it’s very difficult to know the origin of some songs. But thanks to make that clear. I’ll change the title.

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