Lume Lume soro lume


Song performed by Fanfare Ciocarlia

Lume Lume soro lume
Lume Lume soro lume
Lume lume soro lume

Ca asa e lumea trecatoare
Unul naste si altul moare
Lume soro lume

Cel ce naste chifueste
Cel ce moare petrezeste
Lume soro lume

Caci de mama si de tata
Nu te saturi nici o data
Lume soro lume

Si de frati si de surori
Nu te saturi pina mori
Lume soro lume

World, sister world (Translation)
World, world, sister world,
world, world, sister world,

Cause this is what the world is like, fleeting,
one is born, the other dies,
world, sister world.

He who is born, suffers,
he who is dead, rots,
world, sister world.

Source: Mahala memoirs


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  1. Hei ! Nice blog !

    I hope you can understand french ! (I just write how I understand this song ; if I don’t write anything it means I understand the same). And I try english translation !

    Cel ce naște chifuiește => celui qui naît crie, pleure, hurle (He who is born, cries)
    Cel ce moare petrezește
    Lume soro lume

    Căci de mamă și de tată => De ton père et de ta mère (Of mother & father)
    Nu te saturi niciodată => Ne te lasse jamais (Don’t ever get tired)
    Lume soro lume

    Si de frați și de surori => De tes frères et soeurs (Of brothers & sisters)
    Nu te saturi pîna mori => ne te lasse pas jusqu’à la mort (Don’t ever get tired until you die)
    Lume soro lume

    Ceau !

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