Rovel o Del

Rovel o Del

Song performed by Mónika Lakatos from the band Romengo

Rovel o Del
Del o brishind, rovel o Del. Vi me pala leste.
Vi me pala leste. Sa anda mure pharala.
Rovav, rovav pala lende. Dukhal aba lengo jilo.
Dukhal aba lengo jilo. Kodol Devla nasvale kerdyon.
Dema Devla so me mangav. Chi mangav me barvalimo.
Chi mangav me barvalimo, De man Devla zor, sastyipo

Rain falls, cries for God. I will cry afterwards.
I will cry afterwards. All my brothers.
I cry I cry for them, their hearts are hurting, sick.
God give me what I ask. I do not want a fortune.
I do not want a fortune, give me strength and health

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