Phen Tu Mange


Song by Ternipe


Phen tu mange
Ke, Phen tu mange Devla so zhano te kerav, sar te birstrav la.
Ahhj Adala shukara, shukar lulogyora, ada cina sha.

Vorbin avri sar tu hatyares, phen tu mange numa man kames..
Ahhj Na zhanav te phenav, ande mande phangrav so me hatyarav.
Ke pari adi vorba, ande te penola, xal man e grizha 2x..


About gypsylyrics

This blog is for everyone who loves Roma culture, music and dances. I'm not an expert, just an admirer who wants to share her passion. This blog wouldn't been possible without the Danza Duende project in my life. Thanks to my Gypsy Duende masters to teach me all I know.

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  1. As a bellydancer I have come to really appreciate Rom music, dance and culture. Thanks so much for sharing -and if you come across some really high-energy songs please mark them as ATS dancers are always looking for great music to improv to!!!

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