Baro drom szasz

Baro drom szasz

By Romanyi Rota


Baro drom szasz 

Baro drom sas angla mande,
Romania somas mange.
Maladyilem le shavenca, jaj Devla!

Le shavenca matyilem,
muri voja me kerdem.
Muri voja me kerdem, jaj Devla,
Mure love sa pilem!

Jaj Devla, jaj Devla, jaj oh de Fani,
Jaj oh de Fani!

It was a long road ahead of me,
I was in Romania.
I met the boys, oh my God!

The boys I met,
My mood I did.
My mood I did, oh my God,
I drank all my money!

  • Lyrics provided by Kovacs

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  1. I walk up early morning, swtich on my computer, log on facebook and see the information about you post, so I enter your blog and listen to Romanyi Rota. It’s very nice morning. Thank you so much! Love your blog

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