O poštaris avel


A version of Vera Bila’s song by Sabrosas

O poštaris avel

O postaris avel
telegramos avel (x2)

sarmeles genava genava
opala cingela cingea
dzamore dzamore dzamore
na kamav tut (x2)

idze postar idze
telegram mi nese (x2)

jak ja ho citala citala
vlasy si trhala trhala
nechod mi do dvora do dvora
bo ja netvoja (x2)


About gypsylyrics

This blog is for everyone who loves Roma culture, music and dances. I'm not an expert, just an admirer who wants to share her passion. This blog wouldn't been possible without the Danza Duende project in my life. Thanks to my Gypsy Duende masters to teach me all I know.

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